Are you tired of your weekends leaving you more exhausted than rested?

Are you ready to start the week feeling balanced, blissful and positively bubbling with energy?

We invite you to the Weekend Retreat!

Meditation and Yoga have been used for thousands of years to find inner balance, to rest the mind and body and to reignite that inner spark so that you can effortlessly glide through the ups and downs of life.

As a dedicated yoga and meditation retreat centre and community, we have empowered the lives of hundreds of our students and community.

On the Weekend Retreat you will have space to connect to our stunning facility and expert guides as you relax body, mind and Soul in the stunning nature of the Grampians...

We promise, it will leave you feeling refreshed for that busy week ahead (and we could all use a little bit of that!)

Open your complimentary invitation to learn more!

Redeem Your Weekend Retreat Invitation Today & 
Receive The Following Welcome Gifts, For Free!

We would love for you to consider joining us on Retreat, please take the following gifts as a token of our thanks for expressing interest and learning more about our Ashram.

Complimentary Sound Meditation 

Soak into a deep state of rest and relaxation as you unwind to the iconic Sounds of Kailash Ashram, recorded live. 

Nepalese bowls, Plutonian Gong and a host of world instruments will guide you to melt away stress and anxiety.

Download today and listen as often as you like. Perfect to fall asleep to!

Online Training
The 3 Secrets of Yoga

Hear directly from Ashram Director, David as he shares 3 secrets from the path of Traditional Meditation and Yoga and how adopting simple, positive self-beliefs can change your life, starting today.

In the training you will realise the true source of your inner power so that you can continue to help yourself and others... without burning out. 

Retreat F.A.Q. Guide 
Find your perfect retreat

In this guide you will learn a simple framework on how to choose a retreat / experience that fits your budget and learning style. 

Our Ashram runs retreat, but they aren't exactly what everyone is looking for.

This guide will help you work out if you need a day spa, a retreat centre, a trip to Bali or an Ashram retreat.

Hear From Our Past Soul Retreat Students!

Stories of Growth, Healing and Transformation!

“You have such integrity that I can say this is an authentic Ashram!”

Nicki was searching for authentic yoga practice...

When she attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram, and it then when she gained a detailed understanding of Traditional Yoga and Meditation and the clarity to move forward.

“It was a moment when I felt I have conquered something, I feel energised and joyous for tomorrow!”

Rohan was struggling with traumatic life experiences and found it hard to believe in himself. He didn't knew what he had to do next...

During our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram he gained a new perspective which helped him to enter into the new chapter of his life.

"I feel so much more 'Me'... I feel relief!"

Helen was dominated by her old self-limiting beliefs & past trauma and as a result of that she lost touch with her true-self.

Helen attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram and during the retreat she was able to rediscover herself, let go of past trauma and old self limiting beliefs.

“I've never felt more connected to a group of people, I'll never forget that!”

Will was a Soul searching for connection who attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram.

During his retreat, Will found connection to himself and to a loving and supportive group and stepped into a lighter, happier self.

“In a few days I managed to quieten things right down!”

Kyle was tired of western medicine and was suffering from a busy mind.

He attended our retreat at Kailash Ashram and found that even after just a few days of meditation, that he was able to quiet down his mind and to be at peace. 

Are You Ready To Rediscover Your Soul?

Kailash Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation with all retreat fees supporting the direct costs of the Ashram. 

Profits are reinvested in the Ashram's facilities and go to supporting our community in the dissemination of meditation and yoga free of charge to those in need

We are a multi-faith friendly and non-religious organisation that is family owned and operated and are independent from any other organisation.

Our Retreat facilitators are full time service givers (Sevadari) and do not draw a salary from running retreats. 

We have permission and authorisation from our respective lineage holders to share authentic, traditional meditation and yoga practices in an approachable, public manner.

Our retreats do not require you to adopt any belief or practice contrary to your existing views.   

Kailash Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation with all retreat fees supporting the direct costs of the Ashram. Profits are reinvested in the Ashram's facilities and go to supporting the dissemination of meditation and yoga free of charge to those in need. 
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