Feeling A Little Lost, Disconnected & Worn Out By Life?

Seeking to take your meditation and yoga practice... to the next level (or start it off on the right foot?)

Now Is The Time To Act!

If you are ready to step into the most peaceful life of your dreams...

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Traditional Meditation and Yoga have been used for thousands of years to let go of suffering and live a life of inner-peace.

As a dedicated yoga and meditation retreat centre and community (an Ashram), we have empowered the lives of hundreds of our students and community.

What's our secret?

A simple, daily practice of Traditional Meditation and Yoga.

If you are interested to learn the same practices we live by... and teach to all of our students, we invite you to download your free training below. 

Included is an invite to our our life-changing Soul Retreat.

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Soak into a deep state of rest and relaxation as you unwind to the iconic Sounds of Kailash Ashram, recorded live. 

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Online Training
The 3 Secrets of Yoga

Hear directly from Ashram Director, David as he shares 3 secrets from the path of Traditional Meditation and Yoga and how adopting simple, positive self-beliefs can change your life, starting today.

In the training you will realise the true source of your inner power so that you can continue to help yourself and others... without burning out. 

Free Session
Book a Self-Discovery Call

Receive personal guidance upon your path and hear how meditation and yoga can support you attaining a life of health and happiness.

Hear From Our Past Soul Retreat Students

Stories of Growth, Healing and Transformation

“I am a strong, valuable woman… and for the first time in my life I love myself.”

Jo Drury, Regional Victoria

Seeking to let go of past trauma and to repair a family relationship, Jo found that peace starts with a loving connection to Self. 

On the Soul Retreat she deepened her meditation practice and began to cultivate self love.

“It was amazing… from start to finish… we were all broken open!”

Fiona Smart, Brisbane

Seeking to heal, grow, and recalibrate, Fiona used the Soul Retreat to set up her daily meditation practice and to hit the reset button. 

Fiona left the retreat pointing in a healthy direction (away from the past and towards her true goals.) 

“I went past myself!
I conquered something here”

Rohan Parr, South Australia

After a business closure, Rohan was lacking his usual spark. He came seeking to let go of self judgement and to work out 'what's next.' 

During the retreat he found his voice and direction and went past himself to recapture his courage.

“Anything is possible!”

Jane Edgely, Melbourne

Jane had ‘tried all the things’ and was still feeling stuck. She joined us on the Soul Retreat and found resonance with the authentic practice and our raw, real, honest vibe.

Jane left with the newfound belief that “anything is possible!” 

“I’ve never felt more connected to a group of people in my whole life.”

William Morrisey, South Australia

Will came to the Ashram seeking to enhance his connection to self and community, and to spend some time reminding himself of his deeper truth. 

He left deeply moved having never felt so connected to a group of people in his life!

Are You Ready To Rediscover Your Soul?

Kailash Ashram operates as a not-for-profit organisation with all retreat fees supporting the direct costs of the Ashram. 

Profits are reinvested in the Ashram's facilities and go to supporting our community in the dissemination of meditation and yoga free of charge to those in need

We are a multi-faith friendly and non-religious organisation that is family owned and operated and are independent from any other organisation (though we proudly follow a traditional path of Yoga.) 

We have permission and authorisation from our respective lineage holders to share authentic, traditional meditation and yoga practices in an approachable, public manner.

Our retreats do not require you to adopt any belief or practice contrary to your existing views.   

Kailash Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation with all retreat fees supporting the direct costs of the Ashram. Profits are reinvested in the Ashram's facilities and go to supporting the dissemination of meditation and yoga free of charge to those in need. 
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