Rediscover Your Soul at the Kailash Ashram
Remember. Reconnect. Rediscover

From: David & Rajni Wegman
Location: Kailash Ashram, Victoria

Hey there!

It's David and Rajni, nice to meet you!

I'll cut to the chase because your time is precious...

Depression, anxiety and whole heap of inner turmoil almost took a catastrophic toll on both of our lives...

Lets not even mention the other things that were pulling us down...

....does our story sound a little familiar?
We hear you. 

Life can be rough.

But we are living proof that there is hope and that even the most unlikely Souls can come out on top.

We went from being on the edge, to literally living our dream life, doing what we love (helping others)... rather quickly...
and our belief is that you can do it too.
Are you ready to step more fully into yourself, letting go of the past and welcoming in a positive, bright future?

The source of our success is SHOCKING!
Surprisingly, it was learning 'to do Nothing' 

This is the ancient practice of Meditation.

After learning a simple daily yoga and meditation practice, we found room to breathe.

It gave us plenty of opportunity to let go.

This reconnected us to our Soul and we welcomed in a happy life.

Out of the daily emptiness, we heard our calling...

Are you interested in hearing yours?
Before we share more about these practices, and how we guide our Students on our iconic retreats, we feel it is important for you to get to know us a little better.

It'll take you about 10 minutes to read through our story, so please bookmark this page if you don't have the time right now.  

Our Story

We are normal people who live a full life in society (we certainly aren't monks!)

From the left, David, Rajni, Tara and Rishaan.

The single biggest factor that determines the success of our students on our retreats is surprisingly, our connection.

If there is trust, vulnerability and respect, we will be able to impart powerful practices that can change your life.

But our message is confronting. 

It may require you to introspect, and to learn to let go.

At the end of the day, only you will know if we are good fit to work together.

Our advice is to trust your feeling.

If at any stage we feel that you will be best served elsewhere, we promise that we will let you know and will point you in the right direction.

Note: If you have been looking around for a retreat, a good location and nice amenities can only get you so far. 

Kailash Ashram has you covered on that front too, but it isn't what inspires us or what we are really about. 
Serving your Soul, supporting your healing and helping your journey of personal growth through yoga and meditation practice is our passion, our joy and our calling. 
Since 2018 we have helped hundreds of people from all possible backgrounds to find inner peace, health and genuine wellbeing through traditional meditation and yoga. 

But it hasn't always been like that...

Before We Established Our Home at 
Kailash Ashram...

"I was lost"

Hey it's David!

I was lost.

Burnt out

Depressed and Anxious.

That's me pictured below on my 4th deployment to Afghanistan.

An overachiever and go-getter, I threw myself at everything and found my way into the Special Forces at the age of 18.

Literally, I was fighting my way through life.

Multiple deployments as a Sniper played havoc on my mind and body and disconnected me from my Soul.

By 30, I was a complete mess.

Addictions to alcohol, pornography and a toxic self-relationship tormented me.

One day I broke down. 

I knew I couldn’t go on.

Not like this....
My life began to resemble one of the horrific blasts that I would have to turn out to in Kabul...
I'll never forget the moment I cried for help.

... Somehow, Even Though I Didn't Believe It Could, 
The Universe Heard Me!

And thank God for that!

Soon after breaking down I realised I needed to change.

I found myself on the other side of the country with a weekend off. 

I felt a strange call to "learn to meditate."

I did what we all seem to do these days, I googled “Meditation retreat, Perth.” 

As fate would have it, and in typical 'David' last minute style, I found onto the only retreat I could find. 

Little did I know that...
...a retreat, would change my life.
I was expecting Buddhist monks who would whack me if I slouched... 

Structure. Discipline. Just like the Army.

But I was disappointed... 

The retreat was full of very normal people from all walks of life, in a less than inspiring location (looking very disengaged here in the dodgy old school camp, I'm front left by the way!) 

That meditation was horrific.

I'm not going to lie, back then 30 minutes of 'doing nothing' felt like a lifetime...

My body ached, my mind raced.

But even after a few sits, I began to notice change.

This retreat was... just okay. Nothing special. Arrogantly, I left a long list of suggestions (I was a bit of an egoic mess!)

Never did I think that one day, I'd be running my own retreats, let alone an Ashram.

Even though the retreat was 'meh', the Meditation practice that was shared... WOW, now that was something special!

It pushed me to go beyond myself, it terrified me...

But it also felt like home

The Himalayan Meditation practice came to me when I was least expecting it.

30 minutes of doing nothing (every day) catalysed a period of massive transformation, healing and growth.
On retreat I met the Himalayan Master who has shared this practice for 30+ years after spending time in the remote mountains studying under esteemed Yogis and Saints. 

The message I received from Him; 

"Let Go."
It confronted me.

As a soldier, you never give up, you fight till you die...

It rocked my boat. 

Actually it blasted me into space....

I was given the Meditation practice directly from a Himalayan Master and living Saint, Swami Shivkrupanand.

His message
 "Your Soul is Your Guru"

I had been fighting through life for as long as I could remember.

Pushing, striving, always trying to 'do my best!'
And here was a guy telling me to give it up (for just 30 minutes.) 

He gave me an 800 year old 'Himalayan Meditation' practice that seemed way too paradoxical for me to make sense of... 

Sit. Do nothing. 

Things will get better. 

"How on Earth is this going to work?"

I didn't get satisfactory answers, just a simple practice and a challenge. 

Meditate 30 minutes every day.

For 45 days.

... At the end, if you like it, keep doing it. 

If not, ditch it and find something that works for you.

Being the ultra competitive type, a challenge had me hooked!

I went all in.

Then, completely by surprise, and only 3 weeks later without any notable 'meditation experiences'...


I heard an inner call...

I had to get out of the Army.

After 13 years, having just got qualified to do everything I ever wanted, I left without warning.

The same week a toxic relationship had ended...

My life was in chaos.

I knew I had to sort myself out and I knew it couldn't wait.

As all of the supports fell away, I found that my daily meditation was a place of calm in the chaos and uncertainty.

I chose to double down on the path of Yoga, (of which meditation is the highest practice.)

I lay down the Sniper rifle and armed myself with a glimmer of hope.

My Soul was back.

And He wasn't happy with who I'd become... 
Luckily, I had a few tools.

I had practiced Hatha Yoga for a decade, mostly to keep flexible for work. I liked how it made me feel but never went into the 'spiritual stuff.'

After I started daily meditation, I began to make the physical 'Hatha Yoga' a daily habit too. 

Body. Mind & Soul. 

I was getting a proper work out.

The deeper truths began to emerge. Finally, It all started lining up.

I felt my inner power come back.

The meditation gave me the juice to bring my physical yoga practice to life.

In a matter of weeks, I was healing. 

Growing. Expanding. 

Learning about myself.

Forgiving myself for the wrong that I had done.

I felt a sense of comfort in simply 'being me.'

And Every Single Day, I would sit, doing nothing for 30 minutes...

Even though my mind would race, I would stick with it.

Himalayan Meditation connected me to my Soul.

This became my rock.

Guided from within, I kept at the daily practice.

It was hard, but there was no way I was going to fail that challenge!
To be honest, when I quit the Army, I kind stopped counting the 45 day challenge, and clung to that practice like a shipwrecked sailor to a piece of wood.

Months later, enjoying my space from the Army, fate guided me to move to the Grampians a few hours from Melbourne.

Previously I had wanted to escape the city for quite selfish reasons (I wanted to be away from it all.)

Now it was my Soul calling the shots.

When I stumbled across my dream property, I knew that...

This place MUST be shared...
I began renovating my life, inspired by a vision for helping others.

I had rediscovered my Soul, and I wanted to share.


A friend from my first (dodgy) retreat invited me to join her in India to meet the Master of the practice, Swamiji.

I found myself in India in front of Swami Shivkrupanand with 13,000 other meditators...
A few days later a small group of us were given a private audience...

His only advice “come back to India in 4 months for the 8 day Meditation Workshop”

Then he turned to my friend, the translator and said

"Make sure he comes!"


I had trekked all the way to India and this was all I got,  ....come back later?!

Hey! It's Rajni...

My family used to call me "the little saint!"

After growing up in rural France as the only ethnic family in our town, exposed to the traditional Hindu culture at home, and Catholicism at school, I have always had a very deep spiritual side.

After I graduated, I couldn't wait to leave sleepy Lisieux, and moved to Paris to experience the city life.
I loved Paris.

But life threw me the worst imaginable trauma, and I was lucky to survive the mental anguish that resulted.
I hid my depression and anxiety behind alcohol and a fake smile.

I put on the tough girl exterior, and I had the world convinced.

I ran away from myself and started a life and a family in the UK, but deep down I knew I was still haunted by the past.
One day it all got too much.

I knew I needed to come to terms with my experience.

I knew I had to get some mental relief and to finally be done with the past.

I knew I had to learn to love myself.

Himalayan Meditation entered my life

...and I instantly found a reconnection to my Soul. 

I threw myself at the practice, meditating daily and soon after helping to guide others, setting up a meditation centre, an online meditation community and even helping to start an Ashram in the UK.
Tragically, my marriage was falling apart due to my ex’s alcoholism.

Then one day, a friend insisted I join her meditation retreat.
I made arrangements for my Son, and took my courage.

I finally said YES to me.

For the first time in my life...

 I said Yes to myself!

On the retreat I found space to be me, free from my responsibility and unhappy home life.

I was inspired by friendships, nature and beautiful meditations. 

I returned home knowing that things had to change.... 
Shortly after my ex left me, and I got divorced.

I single parented for 7 years with my daily meditation being my rock - giving me the courage, strength and persistence to go on through uncertain times.

I proved to myself that I could do it alone.

But my heart still ached for a special connection…

In 2018, my meditation master, Swami Shivkrupanand sent me a message via a friend;

“Tell Rajni to come to India, it’ll change her life…”

Fate wove us together, in India!

We met at Mumbai Airport, en route to the same 8 day meditation workshop, 

We were both guided to be there by Swamiji.

Instantly, we fell in love.

We connected in the holy city of Shirdi, famous as a pilgrimage site to the saint, Sai Baba.

We discovered a shared passion for meditation, yoga and helping others grow beyond their limitations.
Out of this love, and the shared vision of sharing meditation and yoga, the seed of Kailash Ashram was planted...

Welcome to Kailash

Home of the Soul!

In 2018, we established Kailash as a retreat centre, and later during Covid we became a spiritual community. 

This phase taught us a lot about working with people... the good, the bad and the ugly!

It also gave us a rare glimpse behind the scenes on many of the ‘yoga retreats’ (it would shock you!)
We will spare you the gruesome details of the ego games and watered down practices that were being shared.
What we found out is that most ‘yoga teachers’ and facilitators are lucky to run one retreat a year. 

Most weren't that skilled at leading a group for a sustained period.

Most retreats we saw tended to focus on the physical aspects of yoga practice and were wanting the experience to be indulgent 'wine and cheese' plus yoga.... 

Save it for Bali! 

These retreats always fell short. They simply didn't do justice to what we had experienced on the path of Yoga and meditation.

Were they Life-changing?

Not in the slightest...

Disheartened, We closed our doors to the public.

Rajni and I became disillusioned. It just didn't feel right to have others sharing from our home.

We had to search deep inside for the answers...
We realised we had to lead from the front.

Without a strong commitment, we were selling ourselves (and our students) short.

So, we became 100% devoted to our cause - sharing traditional meditation and yoga for the benefit of human flourishing. 
We took inspiration from our visits to Swamiji's Ashram's in India.

We were initiated into how to perform a 5,000+ year old Traditional Fire Ceremony.

We knew it was time for Kailash to become an Ashram. 
A year later, we received the official blessings from Swamiji!

"Great, we are finally an Ashram!" I thought...

What do we do?
How are we going to do it?

Over the years, as a retreat centre, a community and as consultants, we have shared meditation and yoga across a variety of mediums; workshops, day retreats, leadership camps and more.
The place we saw the most consistent, transformative change though, has been on our Traditional Meditation and Yoga Retreats.

We have run them since 2018...
Through 5 years of continuous improvement and refinement, when it comes to retreats, we have tried (and seen) it all.

We kept what worked.

And binned what didn't.

In 2021 we started running retreats every single month.

We discovered that a Retreat with Kailash Ashram is the best possible introduction to the same, simple meditation and yoga practices that changed our lives.

An Ashram retreat is how yoga and meditation have traditionally been shared, For thousands of years... 

The 'weekly yoga class' is a modern phenomena.

Traditionally, a student would travel to an Ashram a few times per year, to fill the cup back up, receive practice and connect with their teacher in a supportive environment.

We honour this traditional way of sharing yoga and meditation

...and without exaggeration, 
we are proud to call our retreats

A retreat at Kailash Ashram is a comprehensive, considered and refined multi night program.

It is more than the typical and common weekend escape with a few yoga classes thrown in... 

At the Ashram, we maintain a structured and supportive environment for you to learn authentic, real practices, tied to tradition, in a purpose made facility.

On retreat you will be led by us (David and Rajni) and supported by our Ashram community.
Our retreats are designed with your life-long practice and wellbeing in mind.

On our retreats we ensure that you are adequately prepared to incorporate what you have learned back where it counts, at home. 
For us, there is no greater feeling than seeing the profound change in our students lives.

The realisations, the tears, the laughter and the camaraderie.

As we close a retreat, utterly spent, having given our all, you will see us grinning from ear to ear... 

knowing in our hearts that for many, including us... will never be the same. 


Thank you for connecting to our story...

It is important that you get a feel for us before getting to the 'retreat features.' 

Retreats are highly intimate experiences, and you need to know who will be guiding you.

Given you are still with us now, we know in our hearts that you are one of the handful of mature, sincere Souls ready for what we offer at Kailash Ashram.

Trust us, most people have the attention span of a goldfish and don't make it this far!
We Invite You To Join Us on Our Next...


5 Days and 4 Nights of


Retreats Running Every Month

Who is the Soul Retreat For?

By now you may feeling open to learn from us (or at least a little curious!) 
In order to work out if you are ready for the Soul Retreat, you may wish to ask yourself the following questions and answer as honestly as possible.
Are you looking to be rid of fear, and to feel stable and grounded through the inevitable ups and downs of life?
Are you seeking to flow through your days with a little more ease and fun, and are yearning for authentic connection with a supportive and understanding community?
Are you exhausted of constantly ‘wanting more’ and are seeking to feel satisfied and content with who you are and what you have been through?
Are you wishing to love yourself fully and to fill your own cup back up so that you can sustainably help yourself and offer that love to others?
Are you done with playing it small and are ready to allow your unique, natural gifts and talents to emerge and shine from within?
Are you tired of that busy mind and are seeking razor sharp clarity and presence?
And finally, are you ready to surrender to your own higher self (Soul) so that it can guide you from within, every single day?
If nothing above resonated, we feel our message and the practices we share will be too confronting for you right now. No hard feelings, we wish you the best on your journey!

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, we invite you to read on.

The traditional practices of meditation and yoga imparted on the Soul Retreat are suitable for you, and our belief is that they will carry you forward on your path, with grace, all the way to the life of your dreams.

What is the experience like?

Hear From Some Of Our Past Soul Retreat Students

Stories of Growth, Healing and Transformation

“You have such integrity that I can say this is an authentic Ashram!”

Nicki was searching for authentic yoga practice...

When she attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram, and it then when she gained a detailed understanding of Traditional Yoga and Meditation and the clarity to move forward.

“It was a moment when I felt I have conquered something, I feel energised and joyous for tomorrow!”

Rohan was struggling with traumatic life experiences and found it hard to believe in himself. He didn't knew what he had to do next...

During our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram he gained a new perspective which helped him to enter into the new chapter of his life.

"I feel so much more 'Me'... I feel relief!"

Helen was dominated by her old self-limiting beliefs & past trauma and as a result of that she lost touch with her true-self.

Helen attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram and during the retreat she was able to rediscover herself, let go of past trauma and old self limiting beliefs.

“I've never felt more connected to a group of people, I'll never forget that!”

Will was a Soul searching for connection who attended our Soul Retreat at Kailash Ashram.

During his retreat, Will found connection to himself and to a loving and supportive group and stepped into a lighter, happier self.

“In a few days I managed to quieten things right down!”

Kyle was tired of western medicine and was suffering from a busy mind.

He attended our retreat at Kailash Ashram and found that even after just a few days of meditation, that he was able to quiet down his mind and to be at peace. 

... and they aren't alone!

Theme & Content

Retreat Theme

The Soul

The point of departure for the retreat is the Yogic view that the body, mind and nature come from the same source (you may call this God, Nature, Consciousness or The Force of Evolution.) 

The way to understand and master our lives is by bringing us into alignment with this inner and outer nature.

The Soul (Atman, Self, Consciousness) is the inner element that can guide us into alignment to this larger nature.

And when we are in alignment, we are happy, peaceful and loving without effort.

This is known as the Sahaja or the 'natural state.'
The Master Key

Himalayan Meditation 

This practice (sanskrit: Samarpan Dhyan Sanskar) is the easiest way to re-establish this inner balance and connection to the Soul.

For most people, the deep desires for pleasure, status, security, emotions and self expression govern life in a very unconscious way. 

This causes us to suffer.

Even hearing this now you may reflect upon which desires cause you more pain than others.

The Soul is that place of pure will and deeper knowing. 

It is the force that compels us to the higher virtues of love, forgiveness and correct action for ourselves and others.

We have found that these lower desires are best served by having a good Boss to take care of them. 

The Boss is your Soul

Most problems people face in life resolve in a self-healing manner when this connection to the Soul is re-established and maintained every day.

The easiest method, is meditation. 

The western path of 'healing' and 'medicine' can be useful, but it also requires us to often poke around in our wounds. 

This can keep them open. Most wounds heal naturally - it is a quality of the body to heal itself (when you are healthy.) 

So too, our emotions and deeper psychological wounds heal when we give them daily space.

Himalayan Meditation is a gentle, non physical practice that is uniquely personal to you. It is between you and your Soul. 

It was brought to society by Shree Swami Shivkrupanand after being practiced by mountain ascetics in the Himalaya for 800 years and has been shared with over a million meditators, worldwide.
Retreat Aim

To equip you with a comprehensive understanding and experience of the Himalayan Meditation practice (so that you can continue with it beyond the retreat if you wish.)
Additional Retreat Goals

Knowledge of The Elements through Hatha Yoga & Mountain Yoga

To accompany the Himalayan Meditation practice, we share yogic knowledge that link the outer elements with the body and also importantly, the mind and psychology.

According to the Yogic tradition, life is made up of combinations of the 5 elements of nature. 

These are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, plus the Mind and the Soul.

This knowledge is useful to you in a self-diagnostic way; where you will be able to take the knowledge around the elements and work out where you are getting ‘stuck.’ 

The words we unconsciously use often reveal this knowledge is rooted deep even in the Wesetern culture.

I don’t feel grounded - the earth element, 

Sometimes you have to 'go with the flow' - the water element 

She is on fire! - The fire element

It took my breath away - the air element, 

I need ‘space’ - the space element

I'm too caught in the past / future - the mind

'I am' - The Soul

Once the elements are understood, and we know how the body relates to them through the senses, your understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses will be enhanced.

The physical 'Yoga' component of the retreat utilises Hatha Yogic practice which is shared with reverence to the tradition of the Nath Sampradaya (an authentic, thousands of year old Indian and Nepalese tradition) and has been imparted to David under the tutelage of Sundernath who established the Shadow Yoga School.

This knowledge has come alive through nearly 2 decades of practice, experience and study.

Mountain Yoga is a unique offering that brings together David's experience in the Himalaya, having studied the pre-yogic indigenous spiritual practices of the Gurung people. 

Sadhana Imparted 
(Practices that you will receive)

In 5 Days, we cannot make you a master. 

We can though, equip you with tools that if you practice daily, will take you that far.

You will leave the Soul Retreat with core learning outcomes and proficiencies in a variety of traditional practices.

Some are participatory (you engage with only whilst at the Ashram) others will give you take-home practices. 

It will be up to you which practices you wish to continue with.

Sadhana is a sanskrit word often translated as 'spiritual practice' but can also mean that which is eternal, and given.
Himalayan Meditation (Samarpan Dhyan Sanskar)

    - You will understand the technical aspects of the practice and will feel confident that you are doing it right

    - You will be guided as to how best to implement the practice into your daily life

    - You will receive an inspiring and passionate sharing about the impact of this practice on David and Rajni’s lives to help you form belief that it can work for you too.

    - You will engage in twice daily collective practice and have the opportunity to try out personal practice, being guided towards complete self-reliance by the end of the retreat.

    - You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal guidance if needed.
Hatha Yoga (Introduction to Shadow Yoga)

    - You will be guided into the Charanas (Warm Ups) of the Shadow Yoga school of Hatha Yoga for one class each morning

    - Depending on the group receptivity, Karanas (movements including squats and arm positionings) will be added commensurate with the group capacity.

    - You will have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge in allocated personal practice time

    - You will leave the retreat with enough knowledge and experience to practice the sequence when you require to warm the body up for meditation, or as a practice to enhance your vitality and presence

    - You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal guidance if needed.
Mountain Yoga (exclusive to Kailash Ashram)

    - You will be guided in a mindfulness practice involving your senses and nature to assist you in understanding the interrelationship between body, mind and nature

    - You will learn ancient Hatha Yoga teachings

    - You will receive a pre yogic practice derivative from the Nepalese Gurung tribe involving a breath meditation and chanting.
Mantra (chanting of sacred Sounds)

    - You will receive practical instruction and group participation in the chanting of 3 ancient mantra, relevant to the Himalayan Meditation tradition and life in general.

    - You will receive guidance on how to learn and practice mantra and to incorporate it into your spiritual practice

    - You will have the mantra explained so that you know what is being chanted to, and why

    - You will be personally guided so that your pronunciation is correct

    - Note: There is no requirement to continue chanting the mantra on or after the retreat, but all participants are invited to join in for collective chanting as a group bonding activity, much like hymn singing in a Church.
Traditional Fire Ceremony (Chitta Shuddhi Yagya)

    - You will be guided to actively participate in a 5,000 year old nature based fire offering for the purpose of cleansing one’s awareness and for the spreading of positivity around the Ashram

    - You will be given the opportunity to set a powerful intention to continue with your daily practice

    - You will be given an opportunity to let go of something you wish to be free from

    - You will have the ritual explained whilst it is being conducted and also to have it made relevant to modern times.

Soul Art (exclusive to Kailash Ashram)

    - You will receive a guided meditation that harnesses the power of the connection fostered through the Himalayan Meditation practice

    - You will be given the opportunity to express your meditation via creative medium

    - You will be offered personal guidance, according to the Yogic tradition, about interpretations of your art in a safe and supportive environment
Sound Meditation

    - You will receive a Sound Meditation experience to help ‘feel’ what Surrender is about

    - You will be guided with world instruments, including Nepalese healing bowls, gong, drum and more into a deep state of consciousness

    - Note: For many Students, the Sound Meditation has brought healing, insight and physical release of tension


Daily Program

This is the skeleton that supports your retreat experience

The program is immersive and rewards those students who are sincere in the undertaking.

There is little time for other activities and most students use personal reflection time to rest or to revise the practices given or to connect with other students and explore the Ashram.

The Soul Retreat is a 'closed camp' where you are not permitted to leave the premises (unless for emergency) until the end of the retreat.   

Noble silence (Mauna) is observed each day between 9pm and 8am.

We suggest planning for one day of complete rest after the retreat, to ensure that you do not overwhelm your return to work. 

Facilities & Amenities


During the retreat you will be accommodated in our hand pressed mud brick Mountain Lodge - it is cosy, earthy and grounding with a nice balance between being rustic and comfortable.

There is the option for twin share rooms (same gender,) small private and large private rooms. All beds are single size and linen is included.

There are 3 self-contained bathrooms that all students share.

Note; Snorers are required to book a private room.

Our practice space is a traditional mongolian structure (Yurt) that is heated by both wood fire and reverse cycle airconditioner to ensure comfort year round.

Students are allowed to practice in allotted personal practice time and have access to meditation cushions, blankets and yoga mats.
Country / Land

The Ashram is situated on 50 acres of pristine bushland in Gariwerd country / the Grampians, just 3.5 hours West of Melbourne and 5 hours from Adelaide.

Set amongst 700 year old gums and 500 million year old granite boulders, the energy of the land supports the Yogic and contemplative activity.

During the retreat you will be welcomed to the land and invited to take a role as a custodian. There is also a large dam for swimming.


During the retreat we observe the yogic principle of mitahara - the controlled intake of pure substances.

Meals are vegetarian, whole foods and nourishing with restrained spice and salt to support a balanced mind.

We can accommodate allergies if notified prior, but minor preferences and intolerances must be self managed.


No formal training or experience in meditation or yoga is required.

Our retreats support the full spectrum of Student; from experienced practitioners and teachers right through to beginners. In the past, all have experienced benefit from the program. 

Experienced students are invited to come with the beginner mind and to link the shared knowledge in with their existing practice after their retreat.

Beginners get the benefit of an open mind with no bad habits!
The Right Mindset

A sincere and mature disposition is absolutely essential. The Soul Retreat is not an escape from your problems, nor an indulgent weekend away!

Booking Process, Terms & Prices

Retreat Dates

We run the Soul Retreat several times through the year.

Booking Process

Attendance at the Soul Retreat is via application.

An application is free and without obligation to book. 

You do not need to be ready to book if you wish to apply.

An application enables us to connect, and to answer any questions you may have.

Refundable Booking Deposit

Retreats typically book a few months in advance, in particular private rooms.

If you need to make arrangements with work and family, you have the option to secure your desired dates and room via a $300 refundable deposit to.

With greater than 45 days notice, retreat dates can be changed for a $50 fee, subject to room availability.

Within 45 days of the retreat there is a no refund policy for all payments.

Payment Plan 
This is via 4 fortnightly installments and is calculated based on your retreat selection and dates, otherwise you can pay in full at the time of booking.

5 Days of Retreat + Program & Activities
4 Nights Accommodation including linen and towel
3 Meals per day, plus tea, coffee and snacks

Transport to/from retreat

Retreat Fees
Retreat fees vary depending on the room selection and date. 

Updated prices are provided after you submit your retreat application and you will be taken to our booking portal.

Approximate retreat fees are listed below. 

Note: these are subject to change depending on retreat dates.

Twin Share - $1149
Small Private - $1449
Large Private - $1949

What's the Catch?
There isn't one!

If you've had a look around, we could easily charge 2 or 3 times rate for what we offer. For us, these practices have been priceless and we have a duty to make them accessible, recognising the significant cost in maintaining the facility.

All of your retreat fees go to supporting Kailash Ashram, which operates as a a not-for-profit social enterprise to share meditation and yoga to those in need.

So why are we offering such a powerful experience for an affordable price? 

We hope that if we blow you away on retreat, that you will continue to see Kailash Ashram as your go-to place for Yogic knowledge and personal retreat. We hope you might even consider joining our community as an Ashram Member after the retreat.

100% Guarantee

We stand proudly behind what we offer. If for any reason your expectations are not exceeded, we will offer you your money back, no questions asked.

Why is this? 

Selfishly, we don't want the Karma :)  

Soul Retreat 

Rediscover your Soul!

5 Day, All-Inclusive 
Grampians, Victoria

You made it to the end of chapter one (learning about us, the Ashram and the Soul Retreat!)

By now, we have emailed you with your complimentary sound meditation, free training and guide. 

We will also include a link to this page so you can come back and digest it again. 

Please be sure to check your spam folder if you can't find your email. 

It can also be helpful to whitelist our email or drag it to your primary tab so that our future correspondence reaches you.

The Next Step

By now, you should know if you are ready to take the next step.

The way we see it, you have two options.

Option 1 - you do nothing. 

You ignore what drew you in. You forget about that feeling when you saw our message. 

Ask yourself though, where will I be in one month? How about in another 6? Our guess is that most likely it will be in the same place, suffering with the same problems...


Option 2 - you take the plunge, and submit an application.

If you feel that inner call (which we admit, can be a bit nerve wracking) we suggest you click that button below.

All you will need to do is fill in a few details and reach out to us.

An application doesn't mean that you have to have dates in mind, it just lets us know you are keen to learn more.

We are real humans and a conversation goes a long way (promise we don't bite!)

Obviously, it is our pure wish that you join us on the Soul Retreat but only you can answer the call.

We deeply appreciate your time, attention and patience. You have already taken the first step in your growth and we look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

Much Love,

David, Rajni and the Kailash Ashram Family

Soul Retreat 
Frequently Asked Questions


  Are arrival and departure times flexible?
No. Activities commence 30 minutes after arrival time. To ensure the smooth running of the retreat we ask all guest to coordinate their arrival and departure accordingly.
Kailash Ashram, 31 Wartook Rise, Wartook VIC 3401
  What is the Room Allocation
- Private Rooms - We have 4 single private rooms on a mezzanine level in the lodge that have a sloped roof. Large rooms are on the ground floor
- Shared Rooms - Are high ceiling ground floor and are a mix of twin share (two single beds) 
- We allocate shared rooms based on same gender.
- Maximum Guests are 12 per retreat
  What is included?
- All meals, activities and accommodation are included for the base price 
  What do I need to bring?
Full instructions are provided after you book. 
- 3.5 Hours from Melbourne via car, allow 4 if you are planning on stopping.
- 5 hours from Adelaide
- Public transport is available to Horsham by VLine train and bus from Southern Cross Station (book at least 3 days in advance.)
- Transfer to the Ashram is 50km and can be arranged by taxi, we can organise a pick up for $100 one way (subject to availability.)    
- The lodge has ground floor access and grab rails in the showers.
- The yurt has 3 steps and as of yet, no ramp access.


 Can I chat with David or Rajni on the Phone?
YES! We are here to answer any questions that you may have. Please send an email to and we can arrange a time to call you.
 Do we offer any discounts?
No, the price is the same for all attendees.
  Refund Policy
- If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than 45 days before the event
- Cancellations within 45 days will forfeit all fees paid 
  What is the Retreat Schedule?
- Each day will consist of collective meditation, hatha yoga, 3 meals, other supporting activities and personal reflection time  
- We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time in order to best facilitate the group in accordance with the activities, weather conditions and other factors
  Are there age limits?
- The event is not appropriate for young children.
- Well behaved children under 18 are permitted with their legal guardian and are charged at the same rate as adult attendees.
  Can I bring my pets?
- No, we are unable to accommodate pets.
- David and Rajni have two well behaved pet dogs who live on the property but are fenced during the retreat (unless anyone wants a cuddle and a play!)


 Is the Soul Retreat religious?
No. The practices shared at the Soul Retreat are centred on a universal, inward connection to 'life.' We call that the Soul. The practices have their origin in the Himalaya and Northern India / Nepal, and we celebrate and share our cultural origins such as Sanskrit mantra and nature based ritual (fire ceremony.)

We present all knowledge and practice for your consideration. We endeavour to demystify the practices and help you understand the relevance of meditation, yoga and fire ceremony in modern life and help you see the universality of the ideas shared. 
 I heard of some issues at other 'Ashrams,' Is there any connection and are you a cult?
No! And an honest note for those whom may be more cynical about ‘Ashrams’ & ‘Gurus’

Over the years there have been infrequent scandals that gathered negative attention towards a few ‘Ashrams’ and spiritual teachers in the West. As is often the case, the minority grabs more attention and distracts from the overwhelming good work many spiritual teachers and Ashrams share.

Let us reassure you that we are not connected to any of these traditions whatsoever and are a fully independent organisation. There are several thousand Ashrams in India and around the world. These range in size of a single teacher through to communities of thousands. 99.99% of these run without issue and provide a great benefit to humanity.

Ours is one of those.

Kailash Ashram is a small facility, run by a small family (David, Rajni and their children) supported by a growing community of members. We are compassionate householders who lead a full and normal life. We share practices that do not require us to touch you and we will never ask you to do anything that you are not 100% comfortable with.

We hope this puts the minds at ease of those Souls who may have seen certain netflix series, news articles about other so-called ‘ashrams’ or if you may have just been afraid of offending us if you asked!         
 Am I allowed to consume drugs and alcohol?
  I am suffering from a mental health illness, am I able to attend?
We endeavour to make the Soul Retreat as accessible as possible and are happy to discuss directly with you if the event is suitable. If you are suffering from a diagnosed mental health condition please let us know during your application 
 Is there any touching or physical contact?
- No. All of the practices shared are about your connection to yourself and there is a strict no-touching policy for all guests and staff at all times.
- Guests wishing to give each other a hug must ask permission of other guests first (please do not assume that it is accepted)
- Intimate partners are required to refrain from intimacy during the retreat
- There is a strict no-fraternisation policy during the retreat which includes 'hitting-on' or 'making moves on' anyone at all.


 What covid protocols will be in place? 
We follow current state guidelines relevant at the time of the event. 
 Do I need a Vaccine to attend
- No. We welcome all Souls irrespective of their personal medical, religious or spiritual choice (with regard to vaccines)
 I have come down sick prior to the event, what should I do?
In the interest of preserving our guests health, we ask that if you are sick to not attend the event. We are unable to offer you a refund in this instance but subject to a doctors note, may issue a partial voucher. Contact us to discuss options

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